Monday, November 23, 2015

Snow Nostalgia

We (my brother's family and our family) took our annual pilgrimage to our alma mater, Indiana University. 

Of course, touring around the campus with seven little ones in tow is a very different experience from meandering around the grounds as a co-ed.

Youngest and oldest cousins found common ground with food.

This is the exact place where my brother and sister in law met.

My sweet neighbor Sy hosted a sushi-making lunch.

I can honestly say local sushi chefs do not need to worry we will snag their jobs, but pretty good for beginners.

First snow day of the season!

 Chris and I "fancied up" for a Toys for Tots event.

My favorite part of the evening!

One of my favorite people!

It honestly came out of nowhere.  Sure, flurries had been predicted. But, flurries...not the sticky, packing mounds of white.  The (seemingly trustworthy) weather man readied us for flurries that would transform into rain pellets by lunchtime.  I expected to spend an afternoon clutching an umbrella, not a snow shovel.

The flurries began in the morning.  Cooper, mid-breakfast, grabbed his cereal bowl and raced to the window.  He then thrust open the front door and lifted his face to the sky, mouth ajar to capture snow flakes on his tongue.

By lunchtime, the flakes had accumulated to full-blown snow.  Our yard was blanketed in white.  It took the boys about one nanosecond to unearth dusty snow boots and forgotten snow pants. They raced outside and the snowball making, fort building, and snow (literally) cone creating commenced.

Caleb lagged behind the others.  It took him a little time to gage all the fun he was missing.  Finally, he stared out the window and said, "I'm expected to go outside in the snow.  It's our routine."  With that, he layered up and joined in the merriment.

What is it about snow that makes you grateful to have kids and yearn just a little to return to childhood?  I gazed out the window, hesitant to leave the comfort of our warm living room, but desperate to join in the fun.  I finally decided to be a (cozy) observer of my children from the confines of my arm chair while nestled by the fire.

The beauty of snow is that it unites children of all ages.  It entertains and fascinates and delights.  It makes me both nostalgic and cheerful.  

After time in the snow, the boys knew the drill.  Hot chocolate is always part of the snow-fun package.  They pulled up a chair, cradled steamy mugs, and dumped a pile of marshmallows into the hot liquid.  Their cheeks were rosy and (they said) their hands were numb. But, they were happy.

I hope one day when they see snow flakes blanket their windows, they'll be nostalgic for these days too.

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