Wednesday, February 3, 2016

January Update and Takeaways

Birthday run.  It may be cold if icicles dangle from your hair after a run!

 Best birthday photo we could snag:)  One son had already gone to bed.  Had to do birthday cupcakes after 9 due to sports' schedules.

Two days later...Collin's 7th Birthday!

A picture worth a thousand words:)

Collin was solemn before competing in the regional spelling bee championship.

He walked away with a first place ribbon!

Collin invited five buddies to Skyzone to celebrate his 7th birthday!

The celebrating continued with family for Collin and me.  

The hot ticket birthday gift for Collin.  Big brother has taught him well.

It's been forever since I've posted.  Funny how my time feels more crunched now that I have teens and preteens in the house than when toddlers and babies nestled in my arms.

So, what's new with the Woods....

1)  Collin won the regional spelling bee.  

My takeaway from the experience: spelling parents are much worse than sports' moms and dads.  What I thought would be a lovely experience turned into a morning where I seriously wanted to give some parents a few (sensible) words and a good lashing.

2)  Caleb got into the Butler Youth Jazz Band.

And the first concert is at the Jazz Kitchen, a jazz bar in a trendy section of town.  My takeaway: being a jazz parent is so much better than being a sports parent!  Sitting at the Jazz Kitchen will be so much better than watching an endless swim meet or freezing on the sidelines of a soccer field! 

3)  I'm officially a 40 plus year old!

Inside I feel like a teenager, but my body is bringing me back to reality.  Lately, I'm squinting when reading shampoo bottles and prescription labels.  My joints crack when I stumble out of bed.  My takeaway:  glasses are in my future (and hopefully a walker is FAR into the future).

4)  Collin is seven.

Having the baby turn seven seemed monumental.  A six year old can still be considered a preschooler.  But, seven year olds are officially school age kids.  My heart hurts even typing this fact.
My takeaway:  time flies.

5)  We are redecorating and updating our house.

The bold reds and golds have been replaced with grays and neutrals.  My friend Melinda is helping the process.  She says the new soothing colors should bring a more serene home and calmer sons.  If that's the case, I would have changed the color years ago.  Pictures to come.  My takeaway:  Crossing my fingers and hoping it works!

What's new with you?

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