Friday, March 4, 2016

Creating a Baby

Basketball season wrapped up.  Connor scored the "scholastic achievement award" for the team.  Proud mama.

Six weeks until the Boston Marathon and our training continues....

Making updates and repairs to our house.  My talented and sweet friend Melinda is helping the process.  Her contribution to our mantel.

My boys don't rattle off a lot of details about their days.  Often they will grunt out one word responses to my chirpy "How was your day?"  But, sometimes they'll give me a nugget about school that makes me either scratch my head or buckle over in a fit of giggles.

That happened this week.

When Caleb was asked about his day, he responded, "I got paired up with a girl in science, and we have to create a baby."


I had to sit down to get an explanation.  

Surely a Christian school wouldn't sanction any risqué behavior, right?

Evidently Caleb and his female partner have to genetically create a baby.....ON PAPER.  And, although the project is educational, they have been adding a bit of humor into the process.

My new Grandson's name?  Donald Clinton Wood.

He wouldn't confirm whether he was born with a combover and political aspirations.

I'm grateful to be a  Grandmother...on paper only!

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