Saturday, April 9, 2016

Neckties and Brothers

My dapper son ready for the speech competition.

Older brother fixes his tie.

This is a picture of spring soccer in Indiana.  In case you are wondering, those white specks are snow flakes.

And to truly display the miserableness.

Another parent modeled the spectator conditions.

The best viewing area is sidelines, in a car.

Connor played against a beloved classmate, friendly rivals.

April 7th.  Spring.  Snow.  What?

A few weeks ago, Cooper came to us with eager anticipation and a yellow flyer in his hands.  He wanted to participate in a speech competition with his school, he explained.  Then, he handed us a memo with all of the details.

Over the course of several weeks, he practiced "The Boy Who Cried Wolf" until he could rattle off the story without missing a beat.

Yesterday was the speech competition.  Participants had to wear the proper "church clothes" attire.  Typically, my sons like to play fast and loose with the "church clothes" category.  After all, my boys consider vintage T's and sweats to be "fancy attire."

But, Cooper surprised me.  He wanted his appearance to match the effort he put into the event.  Not only did he willingly pull on khaki pants and a button-down shirt, but he insisted on wearing a tie.

The kicker was, as a female, I could not adequately assist him in knotting a stellar tie.  As I struggled to pull the tie into a knot, older brother Caleb jumped in to help.  Caleb rushed to the computer and pulled up You Tube.  He swiftly located a handful of instructional videos on neckties.  Then, he snagged Cooper's tie, followed the video, and created a nice looking knot around his brother's shirt.  Next, Connor (my recent hair gel expert) stepped in to assist Cooper's hair.

I watched the whole process with a sense of awe.  Most days, those boys are at odds.  But, when a need arises, brothers step up for each other.  When their dad is gone (which often happens with an ER doctor for a father), they rally together for the help of their mother and each other.  When a younger brother needs to learn "manly" things, they know it is their responsibility to teach their brothers.

For this, I am glad they are all boys.  

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