Tuesday, April 26, 2016

Welcome Home Party at the Farm

On Saturday night, we celebrated my cousin's return from his Air Force assignment in Korea and his upcoming move to Georgia.  His stateside reentry demanded a party to gather all the relatives and love him back home.

My Aunt Kathryn happily opened her house for the merriment, and we eagerly descended on her farm grounds.  When we arrived, albeit a few minutes late, the party was in full swing.  Relatives lounged on folding chairs in the driveway with an unobstructed view of the cornfields.  They clutched paper plates filled with chips, pasta salad, and grilled hamburgers.  Clearly we would not be walking away from the party the least bit hungry, we agreed.

But Aunt Kathryn's house was equipped with something greater even than food....four wheelers.  Before Chris could place the first potato chip into his mouth, the boys were begging for a ride.  Within minutes, Chris was perched on the four wheeler with a son clutching his waist.  And before I could blink, the four wheeler got swallowed into the cornfield.  It would reemerge within minutes with smiling passengers sporting wind-blown hair.

Caleb became singularly focused on catching a snapping turtle who set up residence in the pond.  He tried all sorts of tricks (bait, nets, sly behavior), but the turtle could not be outsmarted.  

Caleb: 0  Turtle: 1

At the end of the night, Chris took me on a four wheeler ride.  I grabbed his waist, and he started the engine.  We zoomed along a dirt path that flanked the outskirts of the cornfields.  The sun rays danced among the stalks, and the spring greenery formed our backdrop.

I yelled, "I think this moment is just about perfect."

And as if on cue, a tree branch slapped my face creating a slight gash on my cheek.  It was one of those moments that could only be greeted by laughter.

Clearly, the moment was not perfect, but it certainly was good.