Monday, May 23, 2016

Room makeover

Better late than never.  We celebrated my Dad's birthday and Mother's Day a few weeks late over a round of mini golf at the Indianapolis Art Museum.

Each hole had a Hoosier connection.  The boys found the course to be fascinating, and the play was fun for all ages.

I was sitting in the room that our relator labeled the "sunroom."  Although the room is flanked with windows, I doubt many would refer to it as a sunroom.  As I scanned the room, I remembered that this room is what sold me on the house.

Eleven years ago, when we were searching for a home to accommodate our growing family, we walked into our current house.  This "sunroom" set off the main living room.  The former owners housed exercise equipment in the room.  Immediately, I knew how we would use the space.

At the time, we had a two-year-old and a baby.  Toys, books, and exersaucers littered our home.  We couldn't walk from the kitchen sink to the couch without sidestepping a dozen items.  When I eyed that sunroom, I envisioned a home for the trains, cars, and stuffed animals.

When we purchased the home, those items took up residence in the sunroom.  It was the perfect spot.  The kids could play among their things while I cooked dinner and folded laundry nearby.

As the kids grew, the boys could play independently without me worrying that they would swallow a Lego piece or a HotWheels part.  The toys moved into the basement.  We then transformed that space into a TV room.  The boys spent many a weekend night entranced with the latest Disney movie and a big bowl of popcorn.

Now, they've arrived at the age where they want to watch movies with their friends...alone.  They grab the popcorn bowl and travel down to the basement.  They enjoy the latest action or superhero flick with a handful of friends.

Thus, this space is undergoing a renovation....again.  I've placed my Grandmother's piano within the room.  Two older couches rest under the windows with bright blue pillows adorning their cushions.  My freshly painted armoire sits along the corner.  The room has a sophisticated, serene look.

It's hard to believe over the course of eleven years in the home, this room has undergone so much transition.  Then again, the room is mirroring the transformation with our kids.  They have grown from infants to teens in the blink of an eye.  And like the house, I've had to remake my mothering to fit their growth.

As I look around the room, I realize how much I enjoy the space now.  It's clean and well-dressed.  But, there's a little part of me that misses the toys, books, and the infants who used to roam around the room.

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