Tuesday, May 10, 2016

Things That Make a House Feel Homey

The last several weekends have been spent sidelines on the soccer fields.  Rain or shine, they play.

Rain or shine, I cheer them on:)

And if games happen to cancel, we go to the movies with friends.

May brings all the end of the year programs.

And Little League

This picture makes me swoon over this precious son.

May also brings our 15 year anniversary.

And Mother's Day.

My furniture paint tutor and friend Kara pitched in to transform this armoire into...

The final product.

Before kids, I prided myself on cleanliness and order.  I devoted a few hours a week to cleaning.  And, everything from socks to CDs had a home.

Then, I had four boys.

As one can imagine, cleanliness and order fell victim to my own self-preservation.  I ditched the dust rag for the diaper pail.  I devoted my days to keeping four children alive and fed which left little time for keeping a tidy home.

Now that the kids have blossomed into teens and tweens (and Chris and I have stepped into our 40s), we're no longer interested in living in dorm-like conditions.  We want a grown-up, nicely-kept pad.  We want to reclaim our house.

It started out with the idea to repaint the interior of the house.  I solicited advice from my Joanna Gaines-like friend Melinda.  In a nanosecond, she selected a paint color for our walls.  And once applied, the grayish color ushered in a calmer vibe within the house.

Like the book If You Give a Mouse a Cookie, painting the wall led to about 55 other projects and updates.  For the last month, we've cleaned, replaced, adhered, painted, and rearranged.  Spaces that used to look like youth hostiles now ooze warmth, comfort, and welcomeness.  We are giddy over the results.

I used to think things didn't matter.  I prided myself on steering clear of materialism.  And, now I'm sitting among a bunch of things that I love.

I don't think it's the things that I love.  It matters little whether these items came from Restoration Hardware or Home Goods (most came from the latter).  But, it's the feeling these things are adding to our home.

Now, when I'm at home, I feel at home.  And I want to welcome others into our space filled with peacefulness and joy.

And for that, I am grateful for the things that made our house a home.


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