Wednesday, June 1, 2016

Adjusting to Summer

Collin proudly displays his spelling bee award.

Connor was recognized for making the honor roll.

Caleb received the Spanish award.  Chris and I cracked up.  Caleb has attended Spanish class since he was in kindergarten, and we have heard him speak Spanish about zero times at home in all of those years.

After their last class, the boys celebrated with friends.

New sixth graders!

2nd graders!

Watch out 4th grade!

Our weekend was spent at several graduation parties.  At one, they rented a dunk tank.  As a surprise to no one, Cooper agreed to be dunked!

We also visited Great Grandmother in her nursing facility.  Cooper can be such a spark plug, but then he has this soft, compassionate side too.  He loved pushing Grandmother around the halls in her wheelchair and talking to her about her "friends" in the facility.  It was the most precious sight.

Over Memorial Day weekend, our friends the Clarks visited from Chicago for the Indy 500 race.  We finished up our time together at the water park.

True fans!

Met as freshman in college.  Friendship has continued!  So grateful we have our Memorial Day tradition!

A neighbor sent me this picture....where she found Cooper.

Today, I found a few moments to go to the restroom.  I locked the door and, details are needed.  Within seconds, I hear a knock on the door and Collin's voice.

"Mom," he shouts.  "Can Curtis come over to play?"

Then, I heard Curtis adding his request.

"Collin," I cried.  "Are both you and Curtis standing outside the door?"

Yes, they were both standing outside the door.

Suddenly, I missed the good old days (that I experienced just a week ago when the boys were all in school) when I could use the restroom without an audience.

Having the boys all home for the summer has been an adjustment.

During the school year, I had become accustomed to a few hours of quiet and productivity.

Since summer has officially began, those two words don't exist.

I'm back in 100% full-time mom mode.

Within day one of summer, they broke a door knob and a fight that rivaled a WWF match broke out in the middle of the living room.

Welcome summer.

Day two, a neighbor texted me the photo of Cooper in the tree.  Evidently, Cooper was assisting the neighbor kid by building her a treehouse in her front yard.  Neighbor's mom said once he brought out the heavy cutting equipment she stopped construction.  

I told her at least he didn't help her dig a pool.

I'm not sure she laughed.

At that's just a sampling of what we've experienced over the last several days.  Other joys include milk spills, talk back, and fights over electronics (among others).

But, there's also been a precious visit with their ailing Great Grandmother, the acquisition of new hammocks (watching the boys snuggle up in them with a book under the tree is a truly adorable sight), first pool times, summer sleepovers, lazy mornings, few carpools, no homework, out of town visitors, mid-day summer storms, neighbor play, ice cream runs, much more.

Summer is both frustrating and fantastic.  

It takes a few days to manage the frustration and maximize the fantastic.  

We're almost there.

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