Monday, June 6, 2016

Color Run

These are "gold friends" (makes sense to those who know the old girl scout song).  Beyond blessed to call them my friends for over three decades.  

And another joy was watching our children interact and have fun making pizzas and stomp in the creek.

Erin's country life was nicely appealing to Cooper.

The country version of a swimming pool.  I think the boys liked this "pool" better than our community pool.

Three boys and my friend Marie's kids prior to the race.

My running buddy!  He finished his first 5K!

The after and paint was had by all!

This boy doesn't mind running if paint is involved!

We're sad to say goodbye to our sweet soccer coach Pete.  He cared about developing the boys both on and off the soccer field.  What a treasure!

I've been running for decades and experienced practically every sort of race in existence.  I've run everything from 5Ks to marathons.  But, I've never participated in a color run.

A friend asked the boys and I to join her crew for the Color Vibe 5K.  What I knew was that it involved paint and running.

My boys, to my dismay, have yet to express an interest in running.  Mention a 5K race to one of my sons, and you'll get an earful.  But when I suggested we participate in the Color Vibe 5K, their interests were piqued.  Without a chorus of complaining, I signed the family up for the race.

On Saturday, we ran. Fortunately, the race was tucked in between pockets of rain and storms.  We lucked out with the one hour of dry conditions.

Within seconds of landing at the start line, we were pelted with color.  Cooper quickly realized he landed in his element.

mess + noise = Cooper's happy place

And once we started, the paint certain parts of the course.  The race wasn't competitive.  I think the distance was sorely misjudged, and the amount of runners who took "creative liberties" in their routes were staggering.  There were no age group winners or even finishing time.  But, that really wasn't the point of the race.

The race was meant for fun.

having fun + running with my sons = my happy place

As Collin and I crossed the finish line, smiles radiated from us both.  We didn't experience the fanfare of a marathon finish, but we basked in the joy of a color run.

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