Saturday, June 25, 2016

Grandma's Heaven Homecoming

For weeks, I've known my Grandmother's time on earth was numbered. The question was just when she would be taken Home.  This morning, mid-jog, I received the dreaded call.  In a weepy voice, my Father uttered the news: Grandma's nursing staff anticipated her passing within hours.  

I squared away all my kids with activities, sitters, and friends.  Still in stinky running clothes, I rushed to be by her bedside.  My mother and sister were already holding a vigil.  The three of us huddled around the ailing matriarch of the family.

The hospice people told my mother that hearing is the last to go on a dying person.  I'm not sure if that can be proven, but that notion provided us all with comfort.  And so, we used those final precious moments to tell our sweet mother/grandmother how much we loved her and all she meant to us during the days we shared this life together.

I've never been in the room when a person leaves this Earth.  Perhaps I held this notion that a person passes in a dramatic fashion with a few last desperate gasps of breath.  And, maybe that is how death works for some.

But, in my Grandmother's case, she drifted off into heaven as if falling into a deep sleep.  It was so incredibly peaceful that we wondered if she was in fact deceased.  And for the serene way in which she passed, we are indeed grateful.

Death is never welcomed.  We loved our Grandmother dearly.  She provided the most amazing legacy and role model for multiple generations of a life rooted in faith and family.  But, Grandmother was suffering too.  Her sweet body was no longer keeping up with the lovely person God made her to be.  She was ready to go Home. 

Today, she received her homecoming.  

At Grandmother's death bed, I reminded her that God says we get a new body in heaven.  As spry and energetic as Grandmother was on Earth, I can only imagine her lively arrival into Jesus's loving arms.

Thinking about that arrival brings a smile to my face and wipes the tears from my eyes.

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