Wednesday, June 29, 2016

What Grandmother's Death Taught Them

Water balloons are always a backyard favorite.

Collin deemed this attire proper precautionary equipment when engaged in a backyard water balloon fight.  Can't blame the kid as the youngest of four boys!

The boys played apple baseball with neighbors.  There are probably many reasons to stop this, but those reasons seemed to pale in comparison with the joy I watched them experience by slicing fruit mid-air with a bat.

Tonight I was fussying with laundry and dishes.  All of a sudden a noise jerked me out of my busyness: silence.  It became so eerily quiet that I knew four boys could not be lurking around the home.  I searched the outside without any luck.

A neighbor pointed south and explained that the boys had traveled in a pack down the sidewalk in that direction.  I jumped on my bike to locate the crew.

Within minutes, I caught up with my boys.  They were perched on bikes and pushing scooters.  Shoes and shirts were optional.

I have a 13 year old, so I was less worried about their safety.  I was more frustrated with their lack of communication on their whereabouts.  This sentiment I shared with the boys.

Caleb retorted, "Mom, if Grandmother's death taught us anything it is that life is short.  So, we need to do wild things like walk around the neighborhood shirtless."

I tried to muffle my giggles.  If this is the wildest thing they ever do, my prayers have been answered!

I'm really hoping they've gleaned more lessons from Grandmother's death than running around the neighborhood sans shirt.

Grandmother taught (or modeled to) us:

-prioritizing faith,
-serving others,
-loving family,
-staying active, and
-living fully until the very end.

(And much more.)

I imagine one day, they'll remember their Great Grandmother and think about those things.  Better yet, I hope they live a life that reflects the legacy she modeled.

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