Tuesday, July 12, 2016

First Overnight Camp for the Baby of the Family

In my last post, I failed to include pictures from the boys' visit to the Michigan Dunes and Lake Michigan.

The water temperatures were borderline frigid, but that didn't stop the boys from jumping into the waves.

Looking at this photos, one might think we were at a tropical location!

But note, the sweatshirts:)

Enjoyed our summer weekend tradition with my brother and his family.

We braved a restaurant with the whole crew.

Cuddles with Uncle Matt are the best!

And Aunt Becky likes to spoil with sugar (donuts!).

A belated photo.  Sadly it takes a funeral for the boys to look this nice.  My gentleman looked very dapper at my Grandmother's funeral!

The boys returned to Springhill Camp.  On Saturday, we rushed around packing for a week of church camp.  The camp provided a packing list.  And so, we grabbed flashlights, bug spray, and other essentials and dropped them in their duffle bags.

With the placement of each object in the bag, I silently said my goodbyes.  So long pajamas!  Nice knowing you toothpaste.  From experience, I know camp is like the Bermuda Triangle.  Things that go to camp tend not to return (and if they do, they take on an entire different appearance).

The next day, we drove for 1 1/2 hours to arrive at camp.  Three boys would spend the next few nights in cabin.  For Collin, this would be his first overnight camp experience.  As the baby of the family, he is the one who tends to still enjoy hanging out with his mama (and vice versa), I imagined a big tearful goodbye. Perhaps there would be a big scene where he clung to my leg and sobbed, "Don't leave."

But, Collin surprised me.

When we arrived at his teepee (air conditioned!) cabin, he immediately wanted to disassociate with me.  He even tried to shoo me out of the cabin before I placed his bag on the ground.  I went to give him a goodbye kiss, and he opted for a hug instead.

What happened to my baby?

I explained Collin's goodbye behavior to my husband.  I said that Collin was just trying to be strong for the both of us.  He smiled, the sort of smile that says, "Keep believing that."

I want to believe that.  But, deep down I know it's a good thing that he wants to be independent and experience overnight camps without a parent hovering around him.

Independence is the end goal, but we moms are the ones that suffer sometimes from the growing pains.

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