Wednesday, July 6, 2016

Michigan: Fourth Weekend

On July 4th weekend, I traveled to Michigan with my traveling companions (aka my four sons) and parents for a mini-vacation.  Chris stayed home and worked in the emergency room.  (Evidently, sickness and injury work overtime on holiday weekends.)

Just miles into Michigan, we made our first stop at the Saugatuck Dunes.  After a brief hike, we landed on the beaches of Lake Michigan.  The boys raced into the waves and seemed blissfully unaware that water temperatures could easily lead to a nasty case of hypothermia.  (Remember how I said ERs were busy on holiday weekends:))

The next day, we visited the Meijer Gardens and Sculpture Park.  I was sort of thinking it would be like walking through a neighbor's garden where the boys would spend hours gazing at hydrangeas and daffodils.  Not the case.  The gardens were extensive and captivating for the pickiest of critics: my four sons.

That afternoon, my Dad said we'd go the Ford Museum. I talked up the experience to the boys.  We discussed how they could gaze at a variety of cars including some amazing model-Ts.

So, that would be the Henry Ford museum.  We were actually at the Gerald Ford museum.  A bit different.  Despite the discrepancy, the boys rolled with it and even gained a working knowledge of the Watergate Hearings (essential for every elementary student).

On Sunday, we traveled to Windmill Island in Holland, Michigan.  We gained an appreciation for Dutch culture and heritage.  And for the boys, this appreciation was best gleaned by nibbling on Dutch chocolate and fudge.

We stopped by Grandmother and Grandfather Woods' temporary housing on the way home.  They are in transitional housing before  their move to North Carolina.  Our stop left us with just enough time to grab a cookie, drink, and a hug.

We arrived home before July 4th with a suitcase full of dirty clothes  and countless good memories.  

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