Tuesday, July 26, 2016

My Youngest: The Hugger

Friends Mica and Mackenzie showed off their fowl friends at the Hendricks County Fair.

Cooper says he wants to be an architect.  So, we went looking for good architecture within Indiana.

We found one close to home.  Within an hour of our house sits a Frank Lloyd Wright home that can be toured.

Connor's summer basketball league.

Young concert goers for the Jim Gaffigan show.

My concert friend:)
All smiles at church camp drop off:)

Around 9 a.m. this morning, my youngest son emerged from his bedroom.  Sleep still nestled in his eyes, and his hair looked like a porcupine.  He stumbled onto the couch and stretched out upon the cushions.  A few minutes later, he wandered into the kitchen and helped himself to some leftover muffins.

This, my friends, is Collin.

The son that takes life slow, easy, and leisurely.

The one that doesn't work himself up over much.

He's always the last one at the dinner table.  He treats meals as if they are to be savored.  He'll chew bites politely and drink his milk with grace.

He's also the one who will still slip into a cuddle and huddle under a blanket with his parents.

Recently, I was feeling a little blue.  Chris went to give me a hug, and Collin cut him off.

"Let me handle this Dad," Collin said.  "I'm the master."

Then, Collin pulled me into the most comforting of bear hugs.  He most certainly is the master of hugs and comforts.

Collin is the youngest.

Is it because of his birth order that Collin exhibits an easy going, affectionate nature?

I'm not sure.  But, I'm grateful that my youngest is the one that's not yet too old to hug.

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