Sunday, July 31, 2016

Surviving Summer

Although this looks like enough school supplies to meet the needs of a classroom, it's merely enough supplies for my four kids.  It took four hours and a lot of $, but we're done.

Caleb took his buddy downtown to rent bikes and eat pizza.

The 13 year olds insisted on driving.  I got an early glimpse of how terrifying it will be to train my teens behind the wheel:)

Holiday World trip with our friends the Brinkruffs.

So, not the weather we ordered for our amusement park day....

Watching these kids transform from toddlers to teens has been precious.  We used to chat about potty training.  Our conversation at lunch revolved around braces:)

Beach towels that transformed into makeshift rain ponchos.

We've graduated to a new phase in life with these kids.  We went to a sit down restaurant where we placed the kids on one side of the table and had minimal disruptions.  Woo Hoo!

 This afternoon, we traveled to our local pool.  The boys splashed in the water while I sat poolside.  A friend pulled her chair up to next to mine.  We exchanged pleasantries as I watched my crew and she eyed her two sons.

When her boys started to fiddle with each other, my friend opened up about their bickering and how it has intensified within the last week.  She then explained her new behavior system designed to encourage sibling harmony.

Honestly, although her system was well-intentioned, it sounded a bit complicated.  I was tired just listening to the details.  

When she finished, I cleared my throat and said, "My main goal this last week of summer is to survive."

She laughed as if she imagined I was joking.

It wasn't a joke.

This summer has been fun.  So fun.  But, we've arrived at the point where we need to go back to school.

I'm starting to lose my fight.

If asked one more time, I just might allow candy for breakfast.

I may consider a bowl of cereal a healthy dinner option.

I could possibly be talked into more Pokemon Go time just to give this mamma a few minutes to empty the dishwasher (even sounds pathetic:)).

I may feign ignorance about my child's bathing regularity.

I may sidestep and muffle sibling conflicts.

Eleven weeks into summer, and I'm tired.

Then I think about the demands of daily homework, lunch box packing, and an endless amount of after school activities.

Suddenly, I have the energy to tackle the next week.

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