Friday, August 5, 2016

Imagination Takes a Neighborhood

I ran by this scene on a recent morning jog.  I just couldn't just pass by it without snapping a photo.

Grandma and Grandpa Wood came by for a visit.  We took Grandma on her very first canoe ride!

We had to celebrate her birthday too!

Cooper sprawled out on the living room floor clutching a pen and a white sheet of paper.  I watched as he vigorously scribbled on the page.  Curious, I peeked over his shoulder.  He inscribed "laws" on the top of the page.  Under this heading, he outlined half a dozen rules.  Immediately, I knew the meaning of his document.

Cooper is the co-President and founder of the Dinosaur Club.  Currently, there are four active members (three neighbor kids who happened to be related to each other).  As one in the leadership position of the club, he takes his job seriously.  Rules and bylaws must be drafted.  Meetings and excursions must be organized.  It's a lot of responsibility for anyone, let alone a nine year old who is also creating a town.

Yes, when Cooper's not leading the Dinosaur club, he and the other club members are active members of a town (name only disclosed between members).  Cooper told me he's the busy doctor/pet shop owner/sheriff while upholding his civic duties to be active in town planning/governance/regulations.

But there's more. 

When the club's not running and the town is quiet,  there are dragons to be slain in mythical kingdoms.  Holes need to be dug in the backyard to escape to China.  Treasure hunters must be captured before they escape with our "finds."  Treehouses must be created with whatever materials are found within the backyard.  Fortunately for Cooper, he has companions on all these adventures who live just feet away from our home.  

When I call him in for bedtime at the end of the night, he's sad to leave the town/club/village/kingdom.  But, I remind him that the next morning he'll arrive at a new location and, fortunately, with the same group of friends.

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