Friday, August 12, 2016

Starting The School Year Off With a Bang

Our new 6th grader!

8th grader!

4th grade!

Ready for a new school year!

They can only hold it together for so long!

I'll admit, I've been less than humble the last few days.  I keep telling Chris, "I'm nailing it."  Then, I point out the twelve things I've done right that very day.

"I packed the kids' lunches the night before.  When they awoke, I had a hot breakfast sitting on their placements.  They all went to school with clean clothes and well brushed teeth," I gushed.

"And then," I exclaimed and paused for a dramatic effect.  "I had dinner completely ready when they arrived home from school."

Chris, my sweet husband, smiles and silently indulges me in my (misguided) notions that I can keep this up until the end of the school year.

This is how I roll.  I always start out the school year with a bang.  In August, I'm ready to start routines.  I believe all past mom-mistakes can be wiped away with the start of a new school year.  This year, I vow, my kids will brush their hair....every day.  This year, I promise, we will never be late for the first period.  This year, I exclaim, dinners with always include vegetables, lunch boxes will include handwritten notes scribbled on a napkin, playdates will be secured, carpools will be orchestrated, volunteer work will be performed, homework will be checked, practice time will be performed, and .......

But if history is any indicator, with the flip of the calendar my mom steam runs out.

This year, I hope things work out differently.

Nonetheless, I'm enjoying the few days where we're all on track.

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