Saturday, October 22, 2016

Selecting the right pumpkin.

Last week, Chris joined two friends in a hiking excursion in the Grand Canyon.

After Chris emerged from the canyon, he connected with our friends the Brinkruffs (who were also in Arizona for vacation).

Chris came home with about a million of these gorgeous pictures.

Meanwhile, I was tending to the homestead and the boys.  Fall break began, and we made it a staycation.

The weather was absolutely perfect to enjoy a lot of fall activities.

The corn maze seemed daunting, but Caleb led us to the end quickly with his excellent navigation abilities.

I really think he set a course record:)

Selecting the perfect pumpkin was an ordeal.

No caption needed.  He's a one-of-a-kind:)

I joined my parents and sister on a tour of the Indianapolis Airport.  My mom seemed like a natural in the airport fire truck.

Look what we followed in the taxi lane?

Miniature golf with a neighbor kept them busy on another day.

Trying to find his missing miniature golf ball.

As I scanned my Facebook pages, it appeared that everyone in our town is vacationing for Fall Break.  We are not.  With Chris working most days, I have done my best to fill our days with the "need to do" and the "want to do" activities.  

For the "need to do".....We visited the Minute Clinic, and all of us had flu shots (Collin said they hurt less than one of Cooper's "deadly pinches.")  Fall clothes were purchased.  Winter coats were pulled out of basement bins.

For the "want to".....We engaged in a competitive round of miniature golf.  While snuggled under comfy blankets, we watched a zillion movies.  On a rainy day, we visited the movie theater.  Cooper's birthday was celebrated with friends.

One day, we visited Stuckey Farms.  The farm boasts an extensive pumpkin patch and an assortment of fall outdoor activities.  The boys whizzed down the slide built into the hill.  Then, they traveled by tractor to the pumpkin patch acreage.

I let each boy select his own pumpkin.  Most of the boys quickly selected pumpkins from the closest section.  With little thought or conflict, they plucked pumpkins from the vines and carried them to the tractor stop.

Cooper worked differently.  He raced to the back of the fields until he looked like a distant figure on the horizon.  Then, he meandered around the rows, inspecting and interviewing dozens of potential pumpkins.

"Cooper, what are you looking for?" I questioned, frustrated at his extensive search.

"I'm looking for a pumpkin that looks like me," he answered as if this was the most logical way to select a pumpkin.

I've always heard that people pick dogs that look like them, but do people select pumpkins in the same way?

"How can you tell if a pumpkin looks like you," I questioned.

"You just can," he answered, while busying himself with the choices.

After what seemed like eternity, Cooper beamed when he showed me his pumpkin.  It was a bit dirty and misshapen, but sturdy and beautiful all the same.

I didn't see the resemblance between Cooper and his pumpkin.  But, they shared a few common threads.  This was a pumpkin that required work to find, but its specialness made it worth the work.  

Sounds like Cooper. 

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