Tuesday, October 11, 2016

Vintage 90s

Caleb wearing my high school letter jacket on Throwback Thursday for Homecoming Week.

I had the privilege of celebrating with my mom on her 70th birthday!

Collin's soccer team.  So cute!

Collin's team celebrated their wins in a weekend soccer tournament.

Four inches cut off my hair.  Immediately I felt like I lost a few pounds:)

Last week, the middle school celebrated Homecoming Week.  To commemorate the special week, each day preceding the big football game had a theme.  Thursday was Throwback Thursday in which middle schoolers could wear generational clothes.  Caleb requested to wear my High School letter jacket.

He slid into my jacket, and he noted it was too big for him.  Thanks!

The image of my son parading around in my high school letter jacket was a little too much.

I teased, "I don't think my high school letter jacket is really a 'throwback' item."

He paused and responded, "Mom, the 90s are vintage now."

I think the individual who said "kids make you feel younger" is a liar.  

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