Friday, November 18, 2016

House Hunters: Looking for a Match

A photographer, I am not.  But a proud mom, I am.  This fuzzy image is a picture of Caleb at his recent Butler Jazz Band concert.

I feel like I'm on

Instead of looking for a date, we're looking for buyers for our house.

We've put pictures on the internet to woe suitors.  The images depict its best sides.  All the flaws are hidden or photoshopped out.  The description about the house is glowing with no mention of the aspects of the house that cause us angst.

Then we've waited for an onslaught of interest.  The rush has never come.  Instead, a trickling of potential buyers have wandered through the house.  Each toss out a few nice comments.  They appreciate the layout.  Some enjoy how the natural light floods into the living room and engulfs the space.  

Then, the "but" comments follow.

but the stairs are too steep.

but the bathroom isn't tiled.

but the yard lacks privacy.

Some even say, "It's not you, it's me."

But it feels like it's me.  

Like our house is too homely to attract a buyer mate.  Like it lacks the spark to differentiate itself from a slew of others.  Like it's unattractive, unkempt, outdated, and outmatched.

My realtor reminds me it just takes one buyer.  One buyer to see past any perceived flaws and notice the inner beauty of the structure.  One buyer who can see what we have seen in the walls of this space.  

A home where the Christmas tree sits proudly in the corner of the living room and proves to be a sparkling accessory to the fireplace.  

A home that has the most beautiful room for a nursery.  It was the space where my precious newborns slept peacefully (and not peacefully) for years.

A home with a backyard that bursts with neighborhood kids engaged in a serious game of kickball.

A home where birthdays were celebrated, valentines were made, halloween bags were filled, anniversaries were remembered, tears were cried, knees were skinned, jokes were told, meals were made, prayers were said, and friends and family were always welcomed.

I'm waiting for that one buyer. 

The buyer whose willing to commit to this wonderful place we've called home.

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