Monday, November 7, 2016

November Update

Cooper and a buddy dress up for a Halloween party.  Cooper's Karate Kid outfit included a black eye!

Double Digits!  My brand new 10 year old!

The neighbor kids came out to celebrate Cooper's birthday.

The piñata lasted for one child before the candy dropped to the ground and everyone rushed to grab coveted pieces.

The toilet paper mummy game was a hit!

The Happy Birthday serenade was more like a collective scream.

Trick or Treating buddies.

The whole neighborhood gang before the dash for candy.

The Monumental Marathon/Half Marathon ranks as my favorite race.

Jessica and her Boston buddies came in for the race.  All smiles after the race was over! 

The Boston gals enjoyed Hoosier farm to table dinner.

Pumping the calories back after the race.

The last few weeks have been a whirlwind.  

For starters, we've agreed to buy a new house.  Which is excited and terrifying at the same time, because (oh yeah) we own another house.  To get our current house on the market has involved sweat, tears, purging, cleaning, and lots of prayers.  After a week of endless work, our house has never looked better.  We gaze around the room and marvel at the cleanliness and order of our space.  Who knew this house could be so clean?!?  Now we want someone else to reach the same conclusion.  Prayers appreciated:)

When not cleaning, we were celebrating.  First came Cooper's 10th birthday.  We invited a handful of neighbor kids over to join in the festivities.  What I perceived as a chaotic party, the kids considered pure joy.

We hadn't finished digesting his birthday cake when Halloween arrived.  Connor made it his personal mission to hit every single house in the neighborhood.  A feat that required dedication, stamina, and energy.  (Now I know he possesses all three when properly motivated!)

Finally, Jessica and her Boston friends were houseguests over the weekend.  We all ran the Monumental Marathon/Half Marathon.  While I trained for the marathon, the above listed activities filled my plate to the point where I thought a marathon would not serve me well.  I opted for the half marathon instead and enjoyed the entire experience.

So now we wait.  We pray for just the right buyer to rush into our home and place an offer.  Waiting is hard.  Prayers appreciated.

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