Wednesday, February 22, 2017

President's Day at Cliffty Falls State Park

This is his place.  Where the rocks, dirt, and mud are in endless supply, he is happy.

Cliffty Falls State Park.  Approved by 3 out of 4 boys (guess which one is the naysayer?).

For some, a more "urban" walk around downtown Madison, Indiana was more to their liking (with the added bonus of a pizza and ice cream stop.....woods really can't compete with that).

The boys were off school again.  I believe today is a teacher preparation day.  Between MLK Day, Presidents Day, and a slew of other holidays, It feels like the kids are rarely in school.

On yesterday's day off, we packed the boys into the car and headed to Cliffty Falls State Park in Madison, Indiana.  Chris and I gushed over the day.  The weather was amazing, and the scenery in the park was spectacular.

But the day's agenda failed to wow my preteen and teen.  It's hard, I suppose, to get stoked (their word.  Translation for the older set: excited) about scaling a decaying fire tower when your friends are posting pictures of the water slides at the Great Wolf Lodge and such.

I thought we could convert them.  I imagined once they started walking in the serenity, among the timbers and along the creeks, that their countenance and attitude would improve.  Sorry woods.  It just didn't happen.

According to our adolescent sons, the woods just can't compete against Minecraft, Youtube videos, snapchat, and teen television shows.  The woods lack fast moving images and ( words:)) gaming.

I believe people can change.  I imagine at some point, they'll rebel against the images on the screen and seek the tranquility found in nature.

How do I know?  

Because....that happened to me.

Saturday, February 18, 2017

Warm February

Collin's original birthday party was cancelled due to the flu.  Birthday party #2 was held on Friday, and he stayed healthy for the party!

He invited a few friends to join him at Laser Flash.  Collin loved it.

This weather is AMAZING!  God is definitely smiling on our marathon training.  We're half way through our Boston Marathon training with a 17 mile run on Friday.

We even finished the run in short sleeves!

About global warming, my Grandfather said, "If this is global warming, I'll take it."


It's hard to miss winter when it's mid-February and my car windows are rolled down.  This. Weather. Is. Amazing.

I want to miss winter.  But I really, really don't.  I'm running in short sleeves.  The kids are playing outside.  My car is nice and toasty.

I thought about putting the winter boots back in storage.  Ultimately, I decided against it, as that gesture seemed a bit too optimistic.  I have a feeling winter may just be in hiding.

Saturday, February 4, 2017

Spelling Bee

Another week closer to Boston.  17 1/2 miles down in 19 degrees.  It was so cold that my water froze, and my iPhone shut down!

What are the odds?  Connor participated at a spelling bee alongside Erin's daughter.  When you are in middle school, this is about as close as you stand to a girl.

Collin earned 2nd place.  His teacher was so happy that two of his students earned 1st and 2nd place in the spelling bee.

Before the spelling bee, Connor was very vocal about his disdain over participating in a spelling bee.

The Traders Point spelling bee contestants.

Second graders who placed in the top four.

Connor earned a 3rd place finish.

Because of his 3rd place finish, he earned a spot in the spell off.

I used to think being a sports mom was stressful.  Sitting court side watching my son toss a ball into the hoop or into a goal is nerve-wrecking.  But being a sports' mom seems dreamy compared to being a spelling bee mom.  I reached this conclusion while watching my sons in a spelling bee.

A spelling bee requires a team of judges and a laundry list of rules. The judges are sticklers.  They are not swayed by the tears of a losing child or the pleas from a passionate parent.

I watched the spelling bee with sweaty palms and knocking knees.  The boys stood up and bravely belted out everything from "pump" to "pontifical."

When both boys ended up the last few standing, I breathed a sigh of relief.  This proud mama un-gripped the seat and exchanged smiles with her sons.  They did g-r-e-a-t. 

Talking to the boys about money this month at: