Wednesday, February 22, 2017

President's Day at Cliffty Falls State Park

This is his place.  Where the rocks, dirt, and mud are in endless supply, he is happy.

Cliffty Falls State Park.  Approved by 3 out of 4 boys (guess which one is the naysayer?).

For some, a more "urban" walk around downtown Madison, Indiana was more to their liking (with the added bonus of a pizza and ice cream stop.....woods really can't compete with that).

The boys were off school again.  I believe today is a teacher preparation day.  Between MLK Day, Presidents Day, and a slew of other holidays, It feels like the kids are rarely in school.

On yesterday's day off, we packed the boys into the car and headed to Cliffty Falls State Park in Madison, Indiana.  Chris and I gushed over the day.  The weather was amazing, and the scenery in the park was spectacular.

But the day's agenda failed to wow my preteen and teen.  It's hard, I suppose, to get stoked (their word.  Translation for the older set: excited) about scaling a decaying fire tower when your friends are posting pictures of the water slides at the Great Wolf Lodge and such.

I thought we could convert them.  I imagined once they started walking in the serenity, among the timbers and along the creeks, that their countenance and attitude would improve.  Sorry woods.  It just didn't happen.

According to our adolescent sons, the woods just can't compete against Minecraft, Youtube videos, snapchat, and teen television shows.  The woods lack fast moving images and ( words:)) gaming.

I believe people can change.  I imagine at some point, they'll rebel against the images on the screen and seek the tranquility found in nature.

How do I know?  

Because....that happened to me.

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