Saturday, February 18, 2017

Warm February

Collin's original birthday party was cancelled due to the flu.  Birthday party #2 was held on Friday, and he stayed healthy for the party!

He invited a few friends to join him at Laser Flash.  Collin loved it.

This weather is AMAZING!  God is definitely smiling on our marathon training.  We're half way through our Boston Marathon training with a 17 mile run on Friday.

We even finished the run in short sleeves!

About global warming, my Grandfather said, "If this is global warming, I'll take it."


It's hard to miss winter when it's mid-February and my car windows are rolled down.  This. Weather. Is. Amazing.

I want to miss winter.  But I really, really don't.  I'm running in short sleeves.  The kids are playing outside.  My car is nice and toasty.

I thought about putting the winter boots back in storage.  Ultimately, I decided against it, as that gesture seemed a bit too optimistic.  I have a feeling winter may just be in hiding.

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