Friday, March 24, 2017

Gift of Cheerleading

Introducing....Edgar Allen Poe.  Caleb said now he just needs to act drunk and depressed like the original Poe:)

Caleb had his graduation from his E Teen Bible Study.  If Caleb wants to find a date among this crew, his odds are good.

When I was in middle school, I decided to tryout for the cheerleading squad.  I thought this was a good idea despite the fact that my dancing and gymnastics training was limited (to put it kindly).  To make matters worse, I possessed the flexibility of a steel beam, and my coordination skills could best be described as gawkish.  But I felt like these minor deficits could be overlooked with my adolescent charm and natural pose (neither of which I possessed at that age).  

For my tryout, I crafted a routine that ended in a killer cartwheel sure to wow the judges.  It would be the fireworks at the end my show.  Remember the limited gymnastics training and lack of coordination.  Well, the cartwheel landed dangerous close to the judges' table.  In fact, I think a few had to leap out of the way to avoid a foot to the nose.  Instead of fireworks, my finale was more like a rogue sparkler. 

As a surprise to no one, I didn't make the team.

On that day, I assumed my future as a cheerleader was officially over.

Until this week.  

I was sitting at a lunch with a friend.  She opened up about a difficult situation that was weighing on her heart.  Her expression spoke of the angst and heartache that ripped her world apart.  I listened and then felt the urge to speak.

In that moment, I realized God gifted me to be a cheerleader.  

I am not the sort of cheerleader that wears barely there threads and can effortlessly slide into the splits.

I was meant to be the sort of cheerleader that won't ever pick up a pom pom or break into a rhyme.  

I was designed to be the cheerleader that stands along the sidelines of the lives of friends and family.  I was created to applaud their victories and encourage them when they feel like failure is imminent.  I was built to support, promote, laud, brighten, boost, and energize.  This is my calling.  This I can do.

Sitting at the table, I spoke God-given words of encouragement through the vessel of this aging cheerleader's mouth.  I was grateful that God never gave up on my cheerleading career.

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