Saturday, April 29, 2017

Sharing Girl Day

Collin proudly showcases his Great Wall of China model.

Best part of the Asian art fair is sharing it with a buddy.

The Asian art fair was paired with Grandparent Day.

Enjoyed shopping and eating lunch with Claudia's daughter Audrey.

As a boy mom, I've spent plenty of time at arcades, sports fields, and comic book stores.  Unless we're talking about the Lego store, the mall lacks appeal to my boys.  They'd rather have teeth pulled, then bop between dressing rooms at a plethora of clothing stores.  (Consequently, they'd rather wear clothing two sizes too big or too small then spend time looking for properly fitted garments.)

My friends with daughters speak of a different reality.  Their female offsprings like to rummage clothing racks together with their moms.  Shopping for a special occasion, like prom or a father-daughter dance, is a shared experience.  When my friends gush about these extraordinary outings, a little part of my heart aches.  I will not have a rival story.

In the big picture, this is a minor woe.  

I know there are starving kids, war-drenched countries, and incurable diseases.

My friend Claudia never chastises me over my minor adversity.   Instead, she agrees to share her daughter's special moments. 

Today, I joined Claudia and her 14-year-old daughter Audrey on a dress hunt.  The dress had to be just right for an 8th grade award ceremony plus another special occasion.  I gleefully accepted the invitation.

The three of us scoured the mall.  We visited almost every store in the mall (or so it felt).  We engaged in discussions over fabrics, knee length, and durability.  Audrey exited each and every dressing room looking more beautiful and grown up then the last dressing room.  She blossomed from a little girl into an adolescent right before our eyes.

The whole shopping experience would have mortified the boys.  They would have been over it by store #2.

But I was pleased as punch to be part of the whole experience.  I was grateful for my friend Claudia who sought to share the joy of having a daughter with one whose home is overflowing with boys. 

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