Friday, May 19, 2017

Day of Dread: Garage Sale Day

To the boys, one day ranks right up there with Christmas: Neighborhood Garage Sale Day.  For our neighborhood, we have one designated day in which all the homes in our hood sell their junk belongings.  

The boys wake up giddy on garage sale day.  They have about $4 in quarters burning a hole in their piggy banks and a neighborhood teeming with 25 cent treasures.  A matchbox car with one wheel?  Score!  A book with a few pages missing.  Good deal!  A battery-operated car that looks like it landed under a thick tire.  Oh Lucky Day!

I hold a different opinion on garage sale day.  I guess it's because we try our best not to look like hoarders.  Unfortunately, garage sale day seems to replenish our house with the same amount of junk belongings that I spent a year purging.

This year, the boys decided to not just be consumers, but also sellers.  They set up a makeshift table at the edge of the driveway and quickly filled the top with a collection of plastic doodads and other equally valuable items.

The sale did not start off well.

The problem was the neighbor kid was having a competing garage sale.  His table was filled with rocks found in Lake Michigan and geodes from Lake Monroe.

Who can compete with that?

(Side note: That's when I caught Cooper in our pantry trying to sell our food.)

I suggested Cooper find some way to distinguish himself from other neighbor sales.

So, Cooper decided he needed a gimmick to attract customers.  Quickly he popped a bag of popcorn and raced outside.  He shouted at all potential customers, "Free popcorn with purchase."

This caught the ear of a few customers.  He quickly raised his profits by $2.25.

But neighbor Stephen was still leading in sales.

Collin, observing Stephen making bank, was no fool.  Collin (aka Benedict Arnold) jumped ship to join Stephen's salesforce.  (As an added bonus, Stephen offered Collin a commission for each sale...25 cents for every dollar sold!)

As of the writing of this blog, Cooper has racked in $5 for hours of work.  

I'm beginning to think it's not about the amount of cash he places in his wallet.  For Cooper, I think, it's the thrill of the sale.

Seeing my budding capitalist happy makes me tolerate enjoy garage sale day.

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