Saturday, May 6, 2017

Sixteenth Wedding Anniversary

Due to an influx of rain, my regular running path looked more like a swimming pool.

Sixteen year anniversary picture.

A trip to Cake Bake for an anniversary cake slice makes both of us giddy.

Love this guy.

Since my last post, it has rained in a relentless, stubborn fashion.  Our basement (knock on wood) has remained dry.  But it seems to be in the minority.  The local baseball diamonds and farmer fields are saturated to the point they resemble swimming pools.  

When I took the boys to survey the damage, Cooper grabbed a beach towel.  

Just in case, he explained.

I do appreciate his preparedness.

Along with the rain, the temperature has nosedived.

This is unsurprising as I stored all of our hats and gloves in the basement the day before the cold made its appearance.

Of course.

The cold and the rain didn't stop us from celebrating our sixteenth wedding anniversary.  Chris and I headed to a hippish (to us) restaurant.  We munched on guacamole and homemade chips while we exchanged memories of our wedding day.

Halfway through the guacamole, my neighbor texted me.  She thought I'd like to know that Cooper was peddling his wares (toys, books, and such) outside our house to the likely two people that passed by his makeshift stand.

"Was that all right?" my neighbor asked.

I replied  "Yes, as long as he wasn't selling priceless family heirlooms or our china set."

Life has drastically changed in sixteen years.

But, Chris has been the constant.  

Eighteen years ago, I fell in love with his bright mind, big heart, and great sense of humor.

Even though both of our appearances have shifted through the years (hello wrinkles), the inner beauty remains.

Happy Anniversary sweet Chris.  I'm grateful for many years filled with laughter and memories. 

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