Thursday, May 25, 2017


Our dapper famous Hoosier.

Our favorite second grade teacher with both of his (soon to be) former students.

Collin adores his second grade teacher.

Chris and I sat in pint-sized chairs within inches of the blackboard. Mr. Truitt, Collin's teacher, took his post at the front of the classroom.  It was second grade graduation night, an evening where Mr. Truitt honored each individual student with a special award based on their perceived gifts.

I anticipated the night to be emotional.  I envisioned myself as the blubbering mother holding back sobs in the corner.  I did not imagine, however, that Chris would be more of a watery mess.  (I think he mentioned allergies, but I'm no fool.)

Early in the program, Mr. Truitt called up Collin.  He handed him a certificate and announced that Collin received the steadfastness award.

"There could be a tornado going on and it would not shake Collin," Mr. Truitt laughed.  "He could be in the middle of a crowd going wild, he would sit there calmly."

Chris and I couldn't stifle our sideline giggles.  Being the fourth son, he's learned to remain calm in the midst of chaos since infancy.    

Mr. Truitt continued, "Parents, you know how many storms come in life.  Being steadfast as an adult will be an asset."

The floodgate of tears were unleashed.  There are few things that would make us prouder than raising a son who could withstand life's storms.

After the presentation, we thanked Mr. Truitt profusely.  He shot back kind words and praised our stellar parenting of our four boys.  Then, he asked for a picture with Collin and Cooper (his former student).

We walked out into the hall to grab Cooper only to find him in tears, clutching a bloody nose.  Apparently two sons engaged in a fiery squabble that left Cooper a wreck.

(Sidenote: Rarely does a disagreement get to this level.  Apparently, they save their best behavior for special occasions in public.)

(Second sidenote:  The moment of pride after being called "stellar parents" diminished in record time.)

So the evening ended in lots of tears and punishments.  The car ride home was lively.  All the while, Collin sat quietly in his car seat clutching his certificate....being steadfast in the midst of a storm.

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