Wednesday, June 7, 2017

Trip to the Big Apple

A few weeks ago, Chris tossed out a crazy idea.  "What about going to New York City?" he proposed.  Neither of us have ever been.  I had plenty of reasons to say no, but the timing was just too right.  Three boys were attending overnight camp this week and Grandma was willing to watch the remaining son.

So acting in a whimsical fashion that is way out of our character with two logical, planned people, we booked two plane tickets to New York City.

On Sunday, we hopped into a plane bound for the East Coast.  Less than two hours later, we were walking around Manhattan.  Amazing!

Our first stop was Trinity Church.  The history and magnificent architecture was breathtaking.

(By the way....sorry for picture overload.  Had too many good ones not to share:))

After Trinity Church, we walked a few more blocks to the site of the 9/11 terrorist attacks.  Words truly cannot describe the extend of devastation and tragedy you feel in this spot.

Although we loved New York City, we hated the weather it offered us.  As you can see, this fleece sweatshirt (the only one I packed) became my best friend on the trip.

From 9/11, we headed over to the Liberty ferry.  With a short boat ride, we landed on Liberty Island.

This was our first sight of The Statute of Liberty.  It brought tears to my eyes because it felt like a very momentous occasion.  It stirred up deep-rooted patriotic emotions and gratefulness to be seeing this American icon.

On Liberty Island, we were feeling ambitious.  So, we climbed the 200 steps to the statute's base.

From the base, this was our view.

On Liberty Island, we had more time to gaze at this lovely statute.

The Ferry took us across to Ellis Island where we gained a better understanding of the plight of immigrants into our country.

Empire State Building at night.

As a runner, this felt like a momentous occasion.  I had a few runs through Central Park.  I was seriously hooked!  It was a runner's paradise.

We made it to the NBC Studios at Rockefeller Plaza.  Unfortunately, Jimmy Fallon forgot to leave us tickets.  It must have been an oversight.

This beauty adorns Rockefeller Center.

We made it to the top of the Rock (Rockefeller Center).  The views were spectacular.  My favorite thing to eye is the trees sitting on various rooftops.

Ball drop for the New Year.

 Another magnificent site: St. Patrick's Cathedral!  

Rockefeller Center

Per a friend's recommendation, we ate lunch at Serendipity.

Oh my word!  I think I found the place I want my last meal!

Of interest to us was the Trump Towers in New York City.  Each location was under heavy guard with lots of barricades.

I'm glad we experienced Times Square, but it was a bit (ok more than a bit) overwhelming.

Between the noise and the lights, I think we both wanted to curl up in the fetal position and cover our heads.

On Monday night, we ate dinner with my cousin Susan (a Brooklyn gal) for dinner.  She gave us the insider scoop on visiting NYC and a super helpful tutorial on the subway system.

On our way to a Broadway Show, we experienced Times Square at night.

The next day we jumped on bikes and toured Central Park.

Between the cold and the rain, we almost threw in the towel.  But I'm glad we didn't.  Central Park blew us away.

Every nook and cranny had a new wonderful surprise.

Another friend recommended the Boathouse in Central Park for lunch.  Our table had a sideline view of the boats drifting off into the park.  It was a truly spectacular lunch.

To finish up the day, we headed over to Brooklyn to experience the Brooklyn Bridge.  The views of the bridge were spectacular.

The architecture was amazing!

Final morning in New York, we awoke bright and early and headed over to Rockefeller Center.  There we found a place in the Today Show crowds and enjoyed the summer concert series.

Chris said this look was a bit too touristy.  I thought it was just right.

Carson Daly!

If I walked by this man on the street, I would have no clue as to his identity.  I did learn he is a singer with the group, Naughty by Nature.

We also danced to TLC and Sugar Ray.  Chris and I both landed on TV.  It was one of those really fun (and early) experiences.

In summary, we loved New York.

I'll start by saying we fell in love with the people.  I know we Midwesterners think we have a monopoly on hospitality, but New Yorkers rolled out the welcome mat and threw on the charm.  Everyone we interacted with was proud to show off their hometown and eager to warm us to their surroundings.

We adored the food.  Thank goodness we walked about 100 miles a day, because we devoured about a zillion calories with all the delectable foods.  We decided in advance that diet and calories would be forbidden words in New York.  And both of us complied.

We enjoyed the depth of experiences.  One moment we were touring a remarkable cathedral with historic roots.  The next moment, we were shopping on 5th Avenue.  Then, we were sitting in a Broadway Crowd.  And the next moment, we were touring around Central Park.  The list of things to do was endless.

We said our goodbyes to New York City after four days.  We reminded her that we would be back soon.  We'd miss her too much if we didn't.

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