Saturday, July 8, 2017

Summer recap

Time with my (not so) little brother.

Out of order, but I took this crew to the drive-in movie.  "Despicable Me" under the stars was a hit.

S'mores and sparklers were a hit with my crew at Uncle Matt's house.

No age requirements with the sparklers.

Everyone got into the fun!

The best, most normal photo one can take of seven cousins together.

July 4th with my running these gals.

We're officially a month away from the start of school.  I have mixed emotions about this fact.  Some days it can't arrive quicker;  other days, it's too soon.

I will say I love the more relaxed pace of our mornings.  It's not unusual for a few of my boys to sleep until 9 (a fact that leaves me just a smidgen jealous).  And evenings where we don't do a lick of homework or sports practices are divine.

The last week has felt more like summer.  We visited my brother in Cincinnati.  When the sun began to retire, my brother and I huddled around the fire pit while our kids raced around the yard.  Fireflies emerged and enthralled the kids.  I watched Caleb patiently teach his young cousin the secret to catching a firefly. He cupped a jar while they raced after the flashing lights.  It was one of those moments that endeared me to summer.  School can wait.

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