Wednesday, August 30, 2017

Move for the Woods

On Eclipse day, this guy was battling a virus and home from school.  It worked out for him, as he had more time to gaze at the eclipse from his backyard!

The Woods are on the move.  Literally.  After 12 years in our home, we are moving.....across the street.  For some, this may seem odd.  To us, this seems just right.

For the last year, we've been praying about our home.  Our house had arrived at the point where money was needed to renovate and repair.  In my heart, I wanted to live on land.  I had dreams of my four sons running around in any endless field of grass (our grass) with trees aplenty.  (Of course, in this vision the boys are all getting along perfectly, and I have my feet up without a care in the world.  Can any house promise that?)

During our year long search and prayer, door after door closed.  In fact the ways the doors closed would be the great topic for a future blog post.  We said if by the start of school "our house" didn't appear, we'd feel confident that God wanted us to stay in our current home.

A week before school, a house opened up across from our neighborhood.  In house size, it is smaller than our current home.  But the land outsizes our current lot.  We've grown by two acres.  And there is a front porch that wraps around the home and offers views of the seemingly endless grass (and the boys playing happily...right).  The best part is the neighbor friends are just minutes away.  Hopefully they will jump across the road and keep us all company.  The minute we walked into this home, we knew this was the home that God had provided.  So glad we waited!

A few days ago, we accepted an offer on our home!  For the next few weeks, we'll be occupied with fun stuff like inspections, appraisals, and mortgage agreements.  My hope is that I continue to blog even when the time seems crunched.  (Look for a future blog outlining our journey to our new home and God's hand in the process.)

If you don't see a blog post for a few days, please don't think I forgot about this electronic journal (therapy).  I just might be busy for the moment, until I'm situated on that front porch watching my boys....getting along.

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