Wednesday, August 9, 2017

New Freshman Son

Yes, these three neighbors are all middle schoolers.  (Although neighbor Stephen's height leads one to think otherwise.) 

Every year, I think "This is the year where Cooper will take the stellar first day picture."  His fifth grade shot was just as goofy as last year.

 Neighbor Ryan did what I thought was humanly impossible to do.  He convinced Connor to "dress up" on his first day of school.  Sometimes peer pressure isn't so bad.

My new 7th grader.

3rd grader

I think Chris was clutching Collin especially hard in this photo because we just didn't want to see him go back to school.

My new freshman.

When the boys were little, a silver-haired lady often sized up my crew and uttered, "Time goes so fast.  Enjoy every minute!"  Inevitably, these comments were tossed out while one son was engaged in a massive fit at Target.  Because those words were said during a not-so-precious moment, I internally disputed her words.  I wanted nothing more than for time to in fact speed along.

I couldn't wait to get past the potty training years, the sleepless nights, the soiled diapers and bedsheets, the weighty diaper bags, and the endless baby food bottles.

But somehow all of these things came and went. In a blink.  And somehow I ended up with a child who is months away from a learner's permit, battling acne and facial hair, and entering high school.

Now I plead for time to slow down.

Our oldest son had a rough start in the world.  To say he was a "pistol" would be an understatement.  I wore the skin off my knees with all the prayers I shot up for this son.  What I learned is that our prayers don't have expiration dates.  The prayers I so desperately prayed while he was in the height of his "energetic, determined state" came to fruition as a teen.

Now he can discuss North Korea, Kurt Vonnegut, stem cells, and Pokemon.  He makes witty comebacks and thoughtful responses.  If he sees the kitchen a wreck, he'll pitch in on the clean up....really!  We enjoy watching him blossom into his own person.  And he's transformed into all of these lovely things within four years of leaving our nest.

Time slow down.

I'm vowing to be intentionally present in his life for the next four years.  I don't want to wish away the inevitable teen angst and school-related rigors.  I know when you wish away time, it happens.  Then, you wish it would come back.

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