Tuesday, October 10, 2017

Move Completed: Welcome Home

I just dusted off my keyboard and sat down to blog....finally.  To say life's been busy would be an understatement.  We've gone through a major life change (a move) while still managing regular life responsibilities (laundry still needs to be done and dishes still need to be washed) and special life moments (fall parades, a vacation, and such).

One of the special life moments was chaperoning Collin's field trip to the zoo.  As one with older kids, I know how fleeting the time is to attend a field trip.  

Special moments, always, when I have alone time with a son.

This cat must have been terrified.  Cooper loved on him (hard).

Another special moment was the annual Fall Festival Parade.

It was even more terrific to watch Caleb march along the parade route with the Marching Eagles.

I may be a tad biased, but I really think he's the most handsome trumpet player that band has ever seen!

Then there was the family photo session.

Getting four boys to wear church clothes (on a non-church day) AND smile is no easy feat.

Wish we had six sets of eyes open, but I love that I am sitting amid this handsome crew.

Memaw and Papa with their grandkids.

Birthday celebrations are always special.  Anytime with my running friends makes me smile.  Loved celebrating Kara's birthday.

Soccer games, football games, and other activities filled in the other (many) hours.

But this was our most momentous moment.  The house that we called home for 12 years sold to a new family.

And this became our new address.

I was working on dinner in my new kitchen.  While I was peeling potatoes and slicing carrots, a fly (hopefully just one) kept circling. No amount of swatting or movement seemed to discourage this pesky fellow.  He wanted to be my apprentice, and he made his eagerness to be involved in the process known.

This fly made me laugh.

You see, another fly (I don't think it was the same one) kept me company in my old house.  He also liked to swirl around my kitchen and made me curse his very being.  The moments when he became especially troublesome, I would think about how our new house would not have this fly.  I couldn't wait to move from our old house and rid ourselves of my fly nemesis.

You see, moving houses didn't solve my fly problem.

In the week since we've been into our new house, I've realized changing mailing addresses doesn't rid a home of problems that may have plagued a family in a prior location.

A towel rack still seems like a superfluous item.  (Why place a wet towel on a rack when a perfectly nice floor will do!)

Computer games will always seem more interesting than just about anything else (books can't compete!).

Bickering still happens.

Dirty dishes still land in the sink when the dishwasher is 2 inches away.

So one may question why we would go through the expense and hassle of a move when everything seemingly stays the same.

Because while many things have stayed the same, other things have changed.

We now live on 2 acres of property.  Trees line our driveway (a driveway in which we can break a sweat walking to the mailbox).  A makeshift fire pit is nestled in the backyard with an unobstructed view of farm fields.  The boys can play football, baseball, tag without running into one single neighbor's property.

A few days ago, Cooper and a friend were wandering around the yard.  In between a few pine trees, they discovered a patch of Earth hidden behind branches and away from the watchful gaze of parents and brothers.  They immediately claimed it as their fort and made elaborate plans for the happenings within that space.

As I watched them gleefully run around the grass while hatching their adventures, I knew exactly why we moved to this new home.

Let the adventures begin.

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