Thursday, January 18, 2018

Ice Skating

View of our snow-covered house.

California band trip.

Basketball tournament winners.

Despite the cold, outdoor ice skating can't be beat!

Look for us as one of the competitive ice skating teams in the winter olympics!

This one adored the ice.

These two learned to love the ice.

On Martin Luther King day, the kids had the day off school.  The bitterly cold temperatures dipped above zero for the first time in days.  I rejoiced at the sliver of hope that winter was on the outs.  With time on our hands, my friend Nicole recommended ice skating at a new outdoor rink.

What I can say with confidence is that we will not be recruited for the US figure skating team.  Half of our group spent the majority of their time clutching a wall; the other half exuded too much confidence that resulted in many backsides colliding with the ice.

For me, I tried to channel my inner Nancy Kerrigan.  Even though I lacked the fancy skater outfit, I pulled off some pretty sweet moves (like skating backwards and turning right)!  I even attempted to add some dance moves (swaying and arm pumping) to my slightly disjointed skating gait.  A lot of other skaters took notice, and I believe the smiles were a nod to my exceptional skills!

In typical Cooper fashion, he took on the ice with gusto.  He treated the ice rink as if something to be conquered.  Cooper would race across the rink at full speed only to have it end with a icy nosedive (or backslide).  And repeat.  And repeat.

Connor and Collin were more timid.  The ice was not something to be trusted.  The put in their time on the rink, but have no short term plans to return.

I was bummed when our skating session was over.  If I have any hopes of becoming the next Nancy Kerrigan, I need a bit more time on the ice!

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