Monday, January 1, 2018

Missing Quiet

Indianapolis Motor Speedway Christmas lights did not disappoint.  As an added bonus for the boys, we drove on the track!

Monument Circle....all dressed up for the holiday.

I can't recommend the Winterlights at the Indianapolis Art Museum enough.

Of course if the temperature was a bit over 3 degrees, we would have enjoyed it even more!

The candlelight portion of Christmas Eve service always makes me smile.  So pretty!

My casual Christmas Eve crew.

Christmas morning.

Our annual Christmas morning run continues!

The celebration continued into the day.  Christmas dinner with the cousins.

Adulting on Christmas.

I've stopped asking why.  I heard the melodious sounds of the saxophone coming from outside.  I opened the door to discover Cooper serenading the kids playing in the snow!

Back to snow season.

 This was last year's Christmas present that didn't get used until this week.  This winter, we are not so lucky.

My Christmas Eve date at the Colts game.

Chris spent Christmas Eve working in the ER.  I enjoyed the evening with this crew of party animals!

I've often heard people say they want a "quiet evening at home."  For us, "quiet evenings" and "at home" are oxymorons.  Our home is never quiet.  Clamor and commotion are intertwined in the daily workings of our house.

Young entertainers are banging on the piano.  Budding musicians are belting out notes on brass instruments.  Aspiring athletes are bouncing balls.  Fiery siblings are hollering.  Feisty boys are wrestling.  Clumsy sons are crashing pots and pans.  Defiant offspring are arguing.  Spectating males are cheering for favorite teams.

The cacophony of sounds is enough to push this mama over the edge.

I miss quiet.

I know it exists, buried under the mound of noise.

Someday it will be quiet, I'm reassured.  But by then, I won't know how to live any other way.

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