Friday, February 9, 2018

Puppy Love

Miss Rosie.

When ice is forming on your face and hair, you know it's a cold run!

Before we picked up our puppy Rosie, I'd be warned about dogs.  Friends cautioned about the chewing, slobber, hair, and carpet stains.  I was also told that despite my kids many promises, I would be tending to the dog.

I always believed that my family would be the exception.

It's a fatal flow of mine.

Within the first week of being a pet owner, I experienced every stereotype and byproduct of having a puppy.

On Sunday, I encouraged (strongly) the boys to take the puppy on a walk.  From their comfortable places on the couch, they uttered a litany of excuses.

It's too cold.

She doesn't need a walk.

I'm tired.

On the 19th excuse, I snapped and yelled loudly encouraged them to walk the dog.  One son jumped off the couch.  The other sons cowered in the corner, afraid to unleash one more word.

The rest of the day, my foul mood trailed with me.

That evening, Chris arrived home three hours late from his ER shift.  His scrubs were doused in blood, and his body look beat.

"I'm so mad at you," I exclaimed.  "I can't out-bad day you."

And with the infusion of a little humor and a dose of perspective, my mood began to shift.

A friend told me that owning a dog is great if you get past the first year.

We've got 11 months to go.

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