Friday, March 9, 2018

Raising Teenagers

Feels like he was just pushing around Matchbox cars!  Now he is behind the wheel!

My favorite girls: Erin and Rosie!  I think they hit it off!

March Madness: Third grade style! 

Snow and frigid temps wouldn't stop this group from celebrating Nicole's birthday!

We had triple the fun celebrating running friends Gwen, Gretchen, and Nicole's birthdays.

We run to be able to eat yummy things like this!

Blessed to run through life with these friends!

I'm a chronic under-estimator.  It's one of my fatal flaws.  I believe mountains are really molehills.  Challenges are really adventures.  Fat is really curves with a little cushion.

I tell myself things like....

Marathons aren't really that far.

I won't miss giving up sugar.

Traveling with kids will be a delightful experience.

The problem is somewhere along the way, things become hard.  Really hard, sometimes.   At that point, my glass half full, Mary Poppins attitude starts to wane.

I carry this same attitude into raising children.  Perhaps I watched one too many Brady Bunch episodes as a child, but I believed we would be one big happy family all the time.  (And what I learned from the Brady Bunch is that if family members had a disagreement, they would work it out within the span of a 30 minute show.  Remember how Marcia forgave Peter for throwing the football at her nose?  It happened before the commercial!)

With two teenage boys and two preteen boys, reality is started to become apparent.

Ya'll, teenagers are hard.

They love me when I tell them what they want to hear.  They hate me when I say no.  And I have to say no...a lot.

I'm officially a mean mother.  Or so I've been told.  We are the kind of mean parents that seemingly spoil all the fun, ask too many questions, demand accountability, and require household participation.

I'm beginning to understanding that raising teenagers will be a mountain of responsibility, not a molehill.  They will require energy, stamina, persistence, and PRAYER.  But I believe if we can stagger up the mountain together, the view at the top will be pretty amazing.


  1. This is just great to read! I’ve definitely had challenges with my kids, but something that has worked well for me is to take the time when they make a mistake and use it as a learning opportunity.

    I went to a site called and they have a video that talks about how to teach kids life skills…

    In essence, I find out what mistake they’ve made; I often share a story about how I struggled with it; I relate why it’s important to something my kids find important; and then I let my kids talk about how they would do something different and we have a discussion.

    I’ve learned more about my two boys in the last 8 months than I thought possible!

    1. Thanks for the advice. I'll check out the blog. sounds like some great information!