Wednesday, May 16, 2018

Mother's Day Gift: Productivity

Caleb's first meeting with the high school principal at academic night.

Grandparents cheered him on from the spectator seats.

Seventeen years of marriage celebrated over a Mediterranean dinner. 

Not Celebrating/Celebrating Marie's move to South Carolina.

Mother's Day with my Mom and sister.

Celebrating Mother's Day with my favorite boys.

On Mother's Day morning, I sat behind my computer registering the boys for the next school year.  Due to the volume of questions, I zoned out after awhile and mindlessly entered yes or no on all the responses.  (In my inattentive state, I might have indicated the boys have Meningitis or leprosy!)  After what took half of a lifetime, the boys were registered.

Then, I weeded through six trillion emails.  I tackled a few thank you notes.  I paid some bills.  The laundry beckoned my name, and so I shuffled into the laundry room.  My Mother's Day morning was far from glamorous.  I didn't lounge in a day spa, or slumber under the sheets until noon. 

Yet, I was gifted what I wanted most for Mother's Day: productivity.

With four boys in tow, productivity is a scarce commodity.  Between feeding, cleaning, discipling, driving, listening, and grooming, I have little time to simply get things done.  What I wanted most was to check off a few items on my to do list.

I felt a little lame about my request, until I chatted with some girlfriends.  One friend spent her Mother's Day morning cleaning her house.  She raved about her freshly clean counters and sparkling bathroom vanities.  Another friend purged and organized her garage on Mother's Day morning.  As she discussed the process, she gushed as if she held the winning lottery ticket.

Sometimes the best Mother's Day gifts aren't wrapped or purchased.  I adored my Mother's Day present because it was perfect gift for me.

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