Thursday, August 30, 2018

Toddler turned teenage battles

Cross country season continues for Connor.

Steamy temperatures slowed his time on Monday, but we applauded his efforts in the heat!

It's become a tradition.  Lake day with the running friends.

I stayed on the boat (no jet skis for me this year) and emerged from the day injury-free!

Sunday night, I placed cheese sandwiches on the skillet.  Tomato soup simmered on the stovetop.  The day felt lazy, and the dinner menu needed to match.

When the sandwiches toasted and the soup warmed, I called the boys to the table.  Several sons turned up their noses and sighed while eyeing the table.

"What's in the bowl?" one son asked.

I bounced back, "tomato soup."

He frowned and slid down into his seat.

After dinner prayers were uttered, we dug into our meals.  More sighs and scowls.

"Mom," Collin began.  "I'm not trying to offend your cooking, but the soup tastes like ketchup."

I laughed at the thought that opening a Campbell's can counted as cooking.

"Add some crackers," I encouraged.

The boys dumped a handful of crackers into their bowls until the soup was barely visible over the cracker crumbs.

"This is ridiculous," I steamed.  "You have five minutes to finish the soup."

The boys gulped and sought solace in each other's pain.

"We can do this," Collin announced to his brothers like a coach delivering a motivational speech.

Connor picked up his spoon and cautiously placed the ketchup soup to his lips.  He lightly gagged, but Collin pressed him further.  "You got this," Collin cheered.  "Work through the pain."

With a pained expression, Connor continued shoveling the soup into his mouth.

I'm a bit surprised that the boys and I continue to battle over foods.  I thought once they hit the teenage years, we'd age out of many former clashes.  Yet, we still rift over hand washing, hygiene, food choices, and bedtimes (among others).  Vegetables, showers, and sleep continue to be hot button discussions.  

One day, I imagine we'll see eye-to-eye on all of these topics.  But I'm guessing that's when they slide into the role of parent.

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