Hi.  I’m Becky, but I answer most frequently to the name of mom.  I live in Indiana with my brood of four boys, one husband, and a St. Bernard.

Over a decade ago, I was fresh out of law school gazing at a future filled with business suits and briefcases.  But as they say, “We make plans and God laughs.”  My life took a different turn, and for the better.

In 2001, I married Chris.  He’s an ER doctor who reminds me constantly that his work life is not as lively (or spicy) as that which is portrayed on Grey’s Anatomy or ER.  He is an attentive father and husband until Notre Dame Football season arrives. 

In 2002, we welcomed our first son Caleb.  As one who spent more of her pregnancy selecting Pottery Barn crib bedding than actually contemplating being a mother, I was grossly unprepared for his arrival.  What, babies don’t sleep through the night? (True Story:  In my hospital bag, I packed my regular jeans to wear when leaving the hospital.  As a surprise to no one, I walked out clad in scrubs!)

We fumbled through his first year and realized, despite the bleary nights and empty wallets, this parenting gig was pretty spectacular.  And so in the span of the next six years, we added three more sons.  With the addition of each male, the energy and noise level in our home rose exponentially.  We adapted to our new normal: chaos, clutter, and commotion.  But there was (and still is) always laughter and lots of love.

When I’m not shuffling boys among activities and folding athletic socks, I like to write.  A few years ago, I dusted off my journalism degree and started a second career as a freelance writer.  Since then, my work has been featured in many magazines and online publications.

My other love is running.  I engage in the often misunderstood pastime of half-marathon and marathon running.  There’s nothing that provides me with more of a high than crossing a race finish line drenched in sweat and dog-tired.  I’m sick that way.

Most importantly, I’m a Christian.  Jesus took this pathetic soul and provided a hope and purpose for my life.  I hope this blog is a reflection of one whose life has been changed.

Years ago, I created this blog as a creative outlet and form of cheap therapy.  Over the years, I’ve chronicled everything from the amusing (with four boys, the blog practically writes itself) to the heartwrenching (learning to let them go). 

Thanks for taking the time to read my musings.